Our Philosophy

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

- Sir Winston Churchill

To construct a vibrant and successful organization, we created a comprehensive business plan. But to construct an organization that would also significantly improve the lives of others, we created a compelling vision. From the firm’s inception, that vision has served as WH Group’s compass – shaping the decisions we make, charting the company’s direction, and guiding our everyday actions. Our compelling vision continually reminds us of WH Group’s fundamental mission: to provide extraordinary value for our clients, our candidates, and the community at large through the work we’re privileged to perform.

As a boutique firm, we enjoy working closely with our clients – offering them invaluable insights and advice, and helping them to more effectively design, create, and grow the successful, dynamic organizations they’ve envisioned. Our clients entrust us to help them attract and hire the exceptional leaders who will guide their firms through the business and regulatory challenges of the 21st century. We take that responsibility seriously and have pledged ourselves to exceeding each client’s expectations and maintaining the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and professionalism.

We also understand the importance of giving back, and our business model incorporates a rather unique philanthropic component: 10% of each client’s fee is donated by WH Group to the client’s favorite charity, thereby enabling us to achieve our philanthropic goals, while helping our clients to achieve theirs.

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